Apply to Join the Divine Living Team

We’re always accepting applications, in search of true ‘A’ Team Players
Divine Living is a global company that empowers women to create the lives of their dreams through transformational coaching, personal development, and business-building.

If you’re passionate about helping women step into their power, make great money, and participate in the healing of the world in a BIG way, then check out our available positions below!

Applications Policy & Process:

We will only be responding to the submissions we believe are a potential fit. All questions about the details of the positions and compensation will be answered AFTER we reach out to you to discuss your submission.

Finally: If your submission truly is A+, please expect to hear from us soon with insights on the next step for our interview process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Much love,
Gina DeVee

About Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee is a leading women’s empowerment and business coach with a global clientele and a rare 18 years’ experience in transformational coaching. After freeing herself from a limited lifestyle as a struggling psychotherapist, Gina became dedicated to helping other women take their dream businesses beyond all expectations. Her growing multimedia empire, Divine Living, and her signature business training & coaching certification program, The Divine Living Academy, share her secrets to experiencing financial, emotional and spiritual abundance, affirming that any ordinary woman can rise to be a superstar!


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