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The double blessing of stepping into your power…
The art of hosting high-end intensives, charging double the price and getting it.
My personal experience of selling my FIRST high-end package and what you can learn from it.
How the universe behaves based off our desires and frequency.
What happened the minute I released my first glamorous intensive program retreat that was truly in alignment with me and my desires (aka Paris).
How you don’t need to have a huge bursting list to make money and sell your packages.
How to be confident in the fact that what YOU have to offer has VALUE to the world.
Why following your dreams and claiming your worth makes you a better coach.
Mentors and mindset shifts that helped me make quantum leaps in my life and business.
The truth about how I really made my first million.
PLUS all about my 8 week LIVE telecourse program, “Live & Luxurious,” and how it can help YOU in creating + selling high end programs, intensives and retreats so that you can begin to charge your worth and live the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of!





Are you ready to host those glamorous, 1 day intensives? To have clients from allll over the world sign up for your 90 DAY PACKAGES, 6 MONTH PACKAGES OR EVEN YEAR LONG PROGRAMS?
Are you ready to step into YOUR power?
When you finally take the call to step into your power, your greatness & your dream and put yourself out there….you’re then creating an opportunity for someone else to create their dream with what YOU have to offer.
You have a purpose. You have amazing dreams + desires. It’s time to honor them, TODAY.
I’ve shared several “turning point” stories with you in these videos… mentors and mindset shifts that helped me make quantum leaps in my life and business.
Now I’d like for YOU to consider that this moment – right now – could be YOUR next turning point… If you choose to accept the call.
That stirring inside your soul that is yearning for something more…It’s time to embrace that desire and take inspired action that will move you in the direction of your dreams.
I haven’t gotten to where I am today without reallllly knowing what works…and now, I want to share it with YOU in Live & Luxurious.
This program was designed to help YOU create + sell these high end programs that will not only be a blessing to you but also to those that you serve.
On October 25th, I will be leading the first of 8 LIVE calls for Live & Luxurious and I would really love to see you there.
Check out some of the amazinggg enrollment BONUSES I have in store for you, HERE!
Get signed up today and take the next step towards elevating your life’s work, lifestyle and finally stepping into your unique power and greatness!

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