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gina4ww2hen was the last time you gave yourself the kind of expert attention and focus you deserve?

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who dreams of making an even greater impact while living in a way that totally lights you up, I’m here to work with you on manifesting all that’s possible in your life this year.

The power of private coaching, personalized support and specific guidance is massive in creating big results in your business with ease. That’s why for the first time in two years, I’m opening up a limited number of private spaces by invitation only.

I feel so blessed to have created a business that allows me to travel the world and live out my passions, and cannot wait to pass on what I’ve learned to a select few women who I know have unlimited potential.

It’s time for women like us to step into our roles as feminine leaders on the world stage. In 90 days or 3-6 months of working together, you’ll be mentored to evolve as the best version of yourself and enter a realm where anything is possible.

Elite Private



1 full day private intensive, in-person (or via Skype)
12 weekly 1-hour phone sessions (from 3-6 months)
Direct access to Gina via email and text
Full material review + feedback


Don’t Miss This Exclusive
Opportunity To…


  • Receive elite personal attention and expert guidance from a powerful feminine multi-millionaire mentor who will coach you to execute on your biggest dreams.
  • Master the masculine structures and deepen your feminine creative power to align your mindset and activate your unlimited success.
  • Experience the new feminine entrepreneurship at a global level as a powerful, independent company owner, expanding your brand, message, income and lifestyle.
  • Positively impact the world and transform more lives than ever before as your influence and reach expand along with your wealth, power and team.
  • Stand out unmistakably as the unique woman you are, never being envious of others and thoroughly loving “living on brand.”
  • Fully assume your role as the powerful woman leader of a successful company who makes as much of a difference as she does money.


Step up, stand out & start
living an EPIC life

Please follow the link below to complete the application form. Gina looks forward to personally reviewing your application.




If you’ve been accepted into the Mentorship, you may select a payment option and check out below.



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