Step into your femininity and power and give yourself the gift of a one-on-one Summer Session with Gina DeVee today. If this year has been a bit too long and heavy in your business, family dynamics or love relationships and Spring has created the space for letting go of what no longer is serving you…now it’s time to use this Summer to step into your next level greatness!

You deserve expert support and feminine mentorship to create the major shifts you crave in getting your money flowing and you living on purpose in your life again- and Summer is the perfect time to create the vibrant life that is possible for you!

For years, Gina DeVee’s private clients have benefited from her powerful and seasoned ability to open them up to all that’s possible for their BIG next chapter. If you’ve hit a plateau or are going through a transition in life, 90 minutes with Gina will help you discover exactly what’s next and what’s else is possible for you.

Set Yourself up For Success this Summer and Fall

You don’t have to figure out the biggest questions in your life, relationships and business alone. For women who are ready to step into their greatness this Summer, Gina has opened up a few one-on-one Skype intensives to work on getting to the core of YOU, whether that’s opening up your money channels, moving past mother/father issues, developing wealth consciousness, getting your relationship back on track or overcoming heartbreak.

This is your time to focus on you. If you’re ready to make major leaps in any area of your life, give yourself the gift of one-on-one time with Gina this summer.

Spaces are limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. If this is for you, register today.

Your coaching time will be conducted and recorded via Skype, so you can re-listen to your recording as needed.

Gina will study you prior to the session. Upon registration, you’ll receive an extensive Welcome Packet asking detailed questions about your desires, challenges and the outcomes you’re looking for. This way there’s no need for catching Gina up on who you are and you can make the most of your time together.

You have options! If you choose for your recording to be used as a coaching demonstration for teaching purposes within the Divine Living Academy, select the discounted rate of $2500. (It will NOT be used for any marketing/promotional purposes, only teaching.)  If you’d prefer your time with Gina to be completely confidential, no problem, just select the regular rate of $3500.

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