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Goodbye to Scraping By
How to Make Money Like a Grown Up

You’re a hard-working woman. Devoted to being of service, making your contribution, and living your best life…the only problem? You’re trying to do it all on what I call “baby money.”

I spent SO many years being SO focused on making the $2K to pay my bills each month…I lost sight of the fact that I had much bigger goals!

What I know now is, you get what you ask for. Today’s Episode is your invitation to finally ask for MORE!

Watch the Episode now and say hello to the infinite abundance, wealth and impact that’s meant for you!

Much love,
Gina DeVee

P.S. Leave a comment below about what you’re ready to ask for when it comes to money! And share this video with the women in your life who are ready to go beyond #babymoney.

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