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You Are Enough
Say Goodbye to Little Miss Perfect

Women can be SO hard on themselves! It’s no wonder so many of us wind up wasting all our energy on trying to be “perfect” in at least one part of our lives, if not all of them!

This subject is dear to my heart because for the longest time, being “little miss perfect” was the only way I knew to feel safe in the world. Today, I could not be more grateful to finally be free of this STRAIGHT JACKET!

Starting now, you too get to be fully confident in your perfections AND your imperfections.

In today’s Episode, I welcome you back to the flawed and fabulous human race. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Including you. Including me. (Possible exception for J-LO).

Watch the Episode now and finally start living life as the REAL you!!!

Gina DeVee

P.S. Ready to release little miss perfect? Leave a comment below letting us know how you’ll be releasing her and freeing yourself from that bondage…it’s no way to live!

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