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All the Queens Are Doing It
Have Time for Everything YOU Care About

Do you ever look at a successful woman going on an epic trip with her soulmate, or launching an amazing side project, or posting a pedicured bubble bath pic, and think, “how the heck does she have time for that?”

It’s not that Oprah or Jessica Alba or that girl from college have more time and less responsibilities than anyone else. Far from it!

These women have simply developed a healthy, Queenly relationship with time and today, it’s your turn to:

  • Know how to spend time in a way that leaves you deeply fulfilled
  • Set boundaries and create time for what matters to you most, not other (people’s agenda)
  • Never feel flailing, pressed for time or frazzled again!

Watch this Episode now, and let’s get you back in control & leveraging your time like a #ladyboss! Welcome to the most fulfilling kind of freedom.

Gina DeVee

P.S. What kind of relationship with time are YOU creating? Support your sisters in having MORE THAN ENOUGH time by sharing your story in the comments below!

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