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You Deserve a Worthy Workspace

Have you ever thought about how your environment affects your vibration? Here’s your invitation to put on something other than yoga pants, sweep on some mascara and be somewhere that makes your heart leap and your VIBES SKYROCKET!

Are you familiar with the yoga-pants blues? This is when you get a little depressed from spending days-on-end hunched over your laptop at your kitchen table in your sweats…

Maybe you’ve been there. In the early days of my business, I sure was! And when I was no longer available to be shlubby and confined in my small apartment, I discovered a bit of a luxury life-hack…

In today’s Episode, I’m giving YOU permission to go create your dreams in the beautiful places that LIGHT YOU UP, and around the fabulous people who most inspire you!

It’s one of my favorite lessons in the power of positive vibes. YES, picking out on an outfit and swiping on some mascara IS worth it!

Watch this now and let’s up-level your surroundings!

All my love,
Gina DeVee

P.S. Let’s hear it! What are the areas in your life where you’ve been low-vibe, and where have you been high vibe? Tag your friends who are ready for permission to upgrade their life!

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