Ready to clear away the financial stumbling blocks to have the abundant life you crave?


Goodbye to Scraping By

The top 3 reasons women entrepreneurs stay stuck in the financial struggle & how to step into abundance

For many of us women entrepreneurs, we can easily get stuck in an ongoing financial struggle that is all too familiar.  But just because it’s familiar, doesn’t mean you have to keep living with it!

If you are ready to take action, change your behavior, and really step into the abundant life you’ve been dreaming about, my guide can help you overcome the biggest money blocks and catapult your business forward!

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Give yourself permission to focus on the success of your business
  • Tell your business story so your ideal clients are lining up to purchase from you
  • Own what makes you AWESOME and SHARE it!

Identifying the things that are holding you back is only part of what you need. You’ll also get :

  • A reflection activity to see why you are stuck in the financial struggle
  • A strategy tool to help your star power SHINE!

With this guide, you’ll learn how you can create a super-engaged and high-vibe community for your business and brand and a super easy way that you can start doing so today!


Gina DeVee is a leading women’s empowerment and business coach with a global clientele and a rare 18 years’ experience in transformational coaching. After freeing herself from a limited lifestyle as a struggling psychotherapist, Gina became dedicated to helping other women take their dream businesses beyond all expectations. Her growing multi-media empire, Divine Living and her signature business training & coaching certification program, The Divine Living Academy, shares her secrets to experiencing financial, emotional and spiritual abundance, affirming that any ordinary woman can rise to be a superstar.


Rachel Reva
London, UK

Before starting DLA I had no business and no clients, just a career that I had grown cold towards and a dream that I had no idea how to make a reality. I landed my first client in January and my business has been expanding ever since. I am proud to say I have clients all over the world who I love and am making money in a way that truly lights me up. I resigned from my full-time job in September, which I never really thought was possible until I found Gina. It’s hard work but you have support every step of the way, and the connections and friendships you develop are amazing. If you want to know how to build a business and master the art of feminine transformation, Gina and the Academy have got you covered.

Patti Fagan
Pebble Beach, California

The most profound concept I learned from Gina was the idea that my relationship with my money was really a reflection of my relationship with myself. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me and gave me permission to build my business while honoring my femininity. Consequentially, my income more than doubled that first year even though I was putting in less hours.

Melissa Brown
Louisiana, USA

I was a psychotherapist who had just left my private practice in Washington D.C., due to my husband’s military career. As an Army wife now living in the middle of nowhere, I found myself struggling to transition to online coaching so I could still do the work I love so much with women. Problem is, I had no idea what I was doing. It was like I was full of passion, but had no process to bring it to the world. Finding Gina and the Academy was truly an answer to my prayers. From the very beginning, I was reminded that to be of service to others, I needed to take a serious look at the way I saw myself. I had to face the hard fact that I had beliefs that weren’t serving me. I had no idea that I was operating from the belief that I couldn’t have clients who would love my work and be willing to pay for it, so I was stuck charging by the hour, selling deeply discounted coaching packages, and having anxiety-filled sales conversations. But over the past year, I have learned that selling is serving, and I am so worth my rates.

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