For the FIRST TIME EVER, Gina & Glenn are offering an opportunity for you AND your man (yes, your beloved gets to join you in this program!) to develop your wealth consciousness, deepen your love and finally get on the
same page with money!

You don’t want to choose between love and money, but on some level, you’ve already given up on one—or both.

You dream of financial freedom, but you’re afraid success means bye-bye romance.

Working so hard makes you feel dull and serious, not in the mood to flirt or be feminine.

You wouldn’t want to leave your man behind, or become undatable…

Plus, it’s so hard to find a man who actually gets what you and your business are all about…right?

Wrong. The truth is…

Romance and finances continue to be a struggle in your life for the exact same reason.

Your thought patterns around men and money are intimately intertwined, and letting them go unchecked is what’s keeping you from attracting and living the life you desire with both men and money.

Money doesn’t have to be an obstacle to being with your soulmate, or vice versa!

Just because you were raised by a single mom, doesn’t mean you have to be one.

Just because you’ve always relied on a man to support you, doesn’t mean you’re not capable of generating massive wealth.

Just because you’re used to being broke and dating unavailable guys, doesn’t mean empowered men and financial abundance aren’t there for you.

Just because you and your man always fight about money, doesn’t mean either one of you has to give up your preferred lifestyle.

The romantic and financial abundance you crave, is possible for you.

Back by popular demand, our totally revamped 7-Week Men & Money Program will show you and your plus-one how to have both.

Taught alongside my husband and Divine Living CEO, Dr. Glenn A. Sisk, we will guide you and your significant other to get clear on your beliefs, release your fears, and take action to create the life you desire.

Before I called in my soul mate and created success in my business, I struggled for years feeling like true love and real wealth were just outside my reach.

I’ve done everything one woman could possibly do wrong when it comes to men and money, and with this course I’ll teach you how to avoid all my past mistakes, and step into true love and wealth without the struggle.

For the first time ever, we’re opening up a Divine Living Program to not only women, but their significant others to support couples in our community! 
Singles are welcome too and can bring a plus-one!

Men & Money will teach you to…


  • Deepen your femininity and wealth consciousness
  • Heal old wounds around past relationships and money failures
  • Overcome emotional blocks to your worthiness with wealth and men
  • Open up to a new reality that you can have both love & money
  • Feel more confident, valuable, attractive and powerful than ever

Women, if single:

  • Understand why you keep attracting Mr. Wrongs, and stop for good
  • Date without the drama and learn to identify great men
  • Attract commitment-available men and a steady, upleveled income
  • Learn how to manifest your desires with your next relationship
  • Become the feminine woman who attracts the right masculine man

Women, if coupled:

  • End financial stress forever so you can enjoy life with your beloved
  • Stop arguing about money and repair a broken relationship dynamic
  • Give yourself permission to succeed without fearing you’ll grow apart
  • Completely understand your man (hint: it’s different than what you currently think you  know about him)
  • Learn to communicate in a way where nobody loses

Men, if coupled:

  • Understand her behaviors and needs like never before
  • Release stories from the past that are holding you back
  • Gain new confidence around your potential for wealth and success
  • Know how to show up stronger than ever for the woman you love
  • Get solid in your vision for your life, romantically and financially


7 Weeks to Set YOU & YOUR PARTNER Up for the Relationship & the Income You Desire

Each 90-minute class for you and your plus-one includes teaching and live interactive Q&A with Gina and Glenn. We’ve also included two weeks of men and women-only breakout sessions to address the topics that are unique to each side of the relationship.
Week 1: Make Love AND Money Your Best Relationships

  • Say goodbye to the struggle in your love life and finances
  • Transform the beliefs that are keeping you from attracting more
  • Take responsibility and regain your power as the creator of your life
  • Forgive the past and open up to what and who is already there  for you

Week 2: BE the Wealthy Woman Men Want — Women Only with Gina DeVee

  • Release your fears of becoming undatable and leaving him behind
  • Say yes to the financial and romantic stability you’re meant for
  • Drop the story of being a little girl with money
  • Become the feminine mogul that you are

Week 2: Money is No Obstacle — men Only with Dr. Glenn A. Sisk

  • Drop your mother story and unlock your full potential
  • Redefine what money means to you and what you value
  • Realize what your woman really wants from you
    (hint: it’s not necessarily money)
  • Discover your vision for your life

Week 3: The Man for the Woman Entrepreneur

  • Why past or current partners failed to support your business dreams
  • Inside the mind of the empowered man who will be her champion
  • What a woman actually needs from a man versus what’s not so important
  • How men can benefit from being with an empowered, financially  independent woman
  • How to manage the relationship with a woman who earns more


Week 4: How to Receive What You Desire Financially & Romantically

  • Establishing self-worth for men and women
  • Growing more deeply rooted in your wealth consciousness and intuition
  • How to make more space in your life for a relationship,  current or future
  • Gina’s 20-step manifesting formula to create anything you  desire—love, money or both

Week 5: The Right Way to Influence Him — Women Only with Dr. Glenn A. Sisk

  • The dynamic of the empowered masculine and the empowered feminine
  • Shifting into your feminine, and inviting him to be in his masculine
  • Helping your man with his money story when that’s clearly the  problem
  • Increasing your attractiveness in dating or your committed  relationship
  • The #1 relationship quality empowered men require from their  woman (this is a non-negotiable!)

Week 5: Understanding Her — Men Only with Gina DeVee

  • The dynamic of the empowered masculine and the empowered  feminine
  • Why she’s behaving that way and what she really needs from you
  • How women solve their problems and does it work for them
  • Why being Mr. Nice Guy will ruin your relationship
  • Being the strong, confident champion of her dreams

Week 6: How the Empowered Couple Handles Money

  • He loves to save, she wants to go shopping in Paris—what to do
  • How both of you can get what you want out of any “compromise”
  • Having a financial talk that ends with everyone happy
  • Communication techniques to create love and trust around money
  • The key differences between a couple who will or won’t master the money conversation

Week 7: A Vision for the Relationship You Desire

  • Consciously create new money rules as a couple that please you both
  • Design specific actions that create long-lasting and stress-free change
  • Commit to having a new routine with your money conversations
  • Make your new beliefs last to sustain happiness with both  men and money


The Wealth & Love Workbook

Your transformative roadmap to the exact same methods Glenn and Gina used to attract their soulmates and create a 7-figure business in record time.

The Truth About Men Audio Training

In this candid session, Dr. Glenn A. Sisk reveals what makes a man tick, and what a high-quality man REALLY wants in a woman.

Money Manifesting Formula Audio Training

Gina’s unique process for manifesting the money you desire in a feminine way, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Stay connected with a highly engaged, committed group here to support you in your financial and romantic uplevel.

Recordings of Every Class

Success is about repetition. After each class a recording will be provided for you to re-listen to, or if you can’t attend the live class, you won’t miss a thing!


As part of this deeply transformational experience, you’re invited to join Gina, Glenn and other course participants live in Los Angeles or London for a full day of deep immersion, coaching, and teachings that will transform your relationship with men and money forever!

This is your opportunity to immerse yourself and your man in the kind of life-changing event Divine Living is famous for, to get coached by Gina and Glenn, and to be with like-minded couples (or other singles) who will be supporting you along this journey.

If you’re craving more time, attention and practical skills in transforming your relationship with men and money, then this event is for you.

Give yourself or your relationship the powerful gift of engaging and meeting Gina and Glenn in person, watching the stories transform on stage (perhaps even yours!), and a safe space for you and your man to go to the core of whatever’s stressing your relationship. Leave feeling deeply in love and dedicated to your new truth.


Exclusive, Engaging Teachings from Glenn & Gina
  • Partake in exercises that will empower you to feel heard and seen (for couples AND singles!)
  • Learn to stop treating the symptoms, and get to the core to create real  sustainable change
  • Dig deep and finally divulge your truth that will unleash your true potential!
Laser Coaching with Participants & Couples Live on Stage
  • Watch two masterful coaches live in action as they completely transform deep wounds and stressors into deeper connections and stronger bonds
  • Gain new awareness as you watch others’ breakthroughs, many of  whom struggle with the same issues you do
  • Have the opportunity to be chosen for a hot seat or Q&A!
Mix & Mingle with Gina, Glenn & Participants in Person
  • We’ll spend the full day together, from 9am – 6pm. Then, it’s time to celebrate all the breakthroughs you received at our evening soirée
  • Soak up the energy of a high-vibe day that reflects your #newnormal
  • Meet amazing new friends who share your beliefs and values
  • Get to know Gina and Glenn in a social setting!



A Private 30-Minute Skype Session
with Gina & Glenn

($1750 value)

This exclusive bonus has NEVER been offered before so
take advantage of it today!

(For Live Event + Telecourse purchasers only.)


The event also includes the 7-Week Men & Money Telecourse
for you and your plus-one for FREE ($497 value)!


Main Event—9am – 6pm
Evening Soirée—6pm -8pm




Telecourse Only
  • 7-Weeks of Live 90 Minute Teachings and Q&A with Gina DeVee & Dr. Glenn A. Sisk
  • 2 Bonus Audio Trainings from Glenn and Gina
  • The Wealth & Love Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group to Stay Connected




Live Event & Telecourse
  • 7-Weeks of Live 90 Minute Teachings and Q&A with Gina DeVee & Dr. Glenn A. Sisk
  • 2 Bonus Audio Trainings from Glenn and Gina
  • The Wealth & Love Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group to Stay Connected

+ Full-Day Transformational Event in LA or London

  • Spend 9am to 8pm with Gina, Glenn and participants
  • Exclusive teachings, live activities, and masterful coaching
  • Elegant receptions to mix and mingle



SIGN UP BY APRIL 5th and receive a Private 30-Minute Skype Session
with Gina & Glenn ($1750 value)



Everyone’s struggles with men and money are unique, but if you struggle with either one of them, there’s likely to be a secret connection that’s keeping you stuck.

In this Men & Money Program, Gina and Glenn will share the techniques and awarenesses that enabled them to shift their reality, creating a healthy, lasting relationship while running a multi-million dollar business.

True fulfillment only happens for a woman when she has both the relationship of her dreams, and the financial freedom to support her dreams.

Decide to claim the relationship and the wealth that is absolutely meant for you.


A Private 30-Minute Skype Session with Gina & Glenn

($1750 value)

Claim this rare opportunity for you and your partner now!

(For Live Event + Telecourse purchasers only.)

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