You’re invited to be one of 12 women to receive intimate one-on-one  coaching and personalized support from world-renowned success and lifestyle expert Gina DeVee.

This is your chance to make major shifts in your business and mindset, as well as any emotional pieces that need to be opened up for you to achieve your ultimate success in 2017.

Prepare to see the bigger picture of what’s possible for you over the next 90 days and ultimately this year as you, Gina and a high-end group of international women focus on how exactly you can get out of the grind and accomplish your dreams.

  • This exclusive one-day retreat will take place at the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort on the beautiful Mediterranean Isle of Mallorca, Spain.
  • You’ll begin with a morning reception featuring gourmet coffee, tea and breakfast delights, where you’ll have the chance to meet and declare what you’d like to receive from Gina’s coaching and the group in this experience.
  • Afterwards, you will receive one-on-one attention from Gina on  anything from emotional blocks, branding, discovering your ideal client, marketing, coaching skills, building your business or structures and systems—you name it!
  • Along with receiving individual training and feedback from Gina,  you’ll have the opportunity to observe her coaching skills as she works with the others, perhaps hearing the questions you didn’t know to ask.
  • Then, enjoy an elegant afternoon lunch while basking in the  gorgeous summer weather and getting to know Gina and the other participants on a deeper level.
  • At the end of the day, you will work with Gina to customize a 90-day action plan based on your specific business needs and desires moving forward.
  • A private Facebook Group for sharing notes, takeaways, pictures  and breakthroughs will keep the connection and the momentum strong for each participant after the event.
  • Spaces are limited (12) and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. If this is for YOU, don’t delay and register today.
This opportunity is
exclusively limited
to just 12 women

With Gina’s guidance, you’ll set yourself up for success the smart  way, not the hard way. You’ll access your creativity and femininity so that unique content and programs will come to you naturally, allowing you to stand out from the competition so you can literally work less and make more impact and income!


Upon signing up for this super chic one-day retreat, you can also look forward to two bonus Skype calls with my amazing
Divine Living Academy Team Members, designed to
maximize your new awarenesses.

You will receive
45 Minute Skype Coaching Session:
“What’s my Message?”

with Divine Living Academy Leadership Team Member,

Genine Howard


45 Minute Skype Coaching Session:
“Adjusting Your Money Mindset”

with Divine Living Academy CEO,

Dr. Glenn A. Sisk

It’s Everything You Need

TheManifesting in Mallorca experience is designed to get you clear on your unique position in the market place, transform any self-limiting beliefs that have kept you hidden and not making the money you deserve, PLUS a strategic business plan you can implement with confidence, clarity and renewed passion.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to adjust your money mindset to attract the income you crave, while belonging to a new group of high-level (and high-vibe!) women entrepreneurs who are here to believe in you.

You will receive

gdot A Full Day Group Retreat at the St. Regis

gdot One-on-One Coaching from Gina DeVee

gdot Private Training & Feedback from Gina DeVee

gdot 2 Bonus Calls with Divine Living Leadership

gdot A Private Facebook Group to Stay Connected

gdot A 90-Day Personalized Action Plan

9:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.
The St. Regis Mardavall
Mallorca Resort

Camí de Son Vida 38
07013 Palma de Mallorca, Spain


See What Participants Had
to Say About the Last
Divine Living
One-Day Retreat

quoteOne week after the retreat I signed up a new client for €3,000! I have never been so motivated and inspired in my business, and so clear on how I desire to serve.
Before Manifesting in Maui, I felt my business was not at a stage to truly benefit from this high-level, high-vibe group coaching. But there is something to be said about being surrounded by Gina and other six and seven-figure women entrepreneurs. The wealth consciousness just can’t help but rub off! I had my own breakthrough when I realized what it would take to bring more of me into my business. When I got home, I manifested a new client who is my NEW ideal client. She signed up for €3,000! I have never been so motivated and inspired in my business, and so clear on how I desire to serve.”

— Helen Fitness
Paris, France


quoteManifesting in Maui was exactly what I needed to step fully into my calling and finally start taking action.
This exclusive retreat was unforgettable and everything I hoped it would be.  I loved being up close and personal with Gina in a gorgeous setting and learned a lot from watching her masterfully coach the other women. Gina gave me highly intuitive feedback and spot-on coaching that I really needed to hear in the exact way that only Gina can deliver it! She was able to help me expand on my vision and get really clear about what I need to be focusing on and what I need to stop doing immediately so I can grow to my next level with confidence. I am so grateful for this retreat and I highly recommend it—so much so that I’ve signed up to do it a second time in Mallorca!”

— Dr. Carla Stokes
Atlanta, Georgia


quoteI feel like this one day reduced my learning curve by at least three months and I expect to have made close to $70k in my business by the next Mallorca retreat as a result of this day!
As someone who is new to coaching (or at least new to getting paid for it!), but a veteran seven-figure business owner, it was just what I needed to accelerate my business. Otherwise, I would have been stuck trying to serve too many different people and diluting my power. I thought I was focused, but this experience made my offering crystal clear. Sharing the experience with Gina and a beautiful, high-vibe group of women from all over the world was incredible and I’ve learned as much from listening to Gina coach the other women as I did when she coached me, and had so many amazing takeaways.”

— Lori Granito
New Orleans, Louisiana


quoteGina gave me empower-ing coaching on my exact steps for manifesting my next big breakthrough to an even greater level of success for me and my company!
Being with a small group of highly engaged women and witnessing the coaching they received from Gina provided high level, personalized laser-training in business success coaching! If you are serious about your business success, I highly recommend joining Gina’s next group right away!”

— Carola Eastwood
San Diego, California


quoteWithin one week, I had four discovery calls and welcomed a new paid-in-full client for $15k!
I absolutely loved taking part in the Maui Mastermind. I thoroughly enjoyed redefining my niche as the Spirited Woman and planning out my brand for my next level. I was so excited to release the details of my new 6-month program, which includes a retreat in Venice with one of our Academy sisters, Elena Agrizzi. I have four follow up calls today and am confident I will have 10 more women joining my new program!”

— Elise Lininger
Bozeman, Montana


quoteGina gave me a completely new perspective on how to move my business forward, with a plan that will ultimately also infuse my life with much more excitement, fun and purpose!
Having changed my life completely after last year’s Academy, I knew that what I wanted most for my second time around was to take everything in my life to the next level, and I wanted to do it as close to Gina as possible. So when I heard about the extra day in Maui I did everything I could to make it happen. And it was beyond worth it. ”

— Dana Dinnawi
Cairo, Egypt


It’s Time for YOU to
Receive High-Level
Coaching from
One of the Best
in the Industry!


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