Make Yourself Known, Maximize Your Impact


You have no problem saying that you desire freedom, deep fulfillment, and an exciting (maybe even glamorous!) career that makes the MOST of your talents and a BIG difference in the lives of others…

And yet, it’s completely terrifying to admit just how far into the spotlight your dreams will push you! As a spiritual woman, you wouldn’t want to be seen as “fame hungry”…

Even though you KNOW that your NYT best-seller, smash-hit podcast, or eagerly devoured youtube channel is not exactly going to happen by you being the internet’s best-kept secret!

The truth is, your ongoing anonymity serves no one. Becoming famous is the ULTIMATE way to make the greatest possible impact in the world, while fully realizing your creative dreams and lifestyle desires!

In this one-of-a-kind live workshop, Gina DeVee will coach you through the spiritual and practical steps to unapologetically claim your fame and manifest your dazzling superstar vision for 2018!


For the first time in my life, I’m ready to admit that this year, I’m being called to my next level, to a global platform and to FAME! And I don’t recommend you wait as long as I did to give yourself the same life-changing permission…

It’s okay to receive attention. It’s REAL to desire recognition. And it’s going to radically change the world for the better when more and more women like us dare to be known on the global stage!

That’s why I’ve designed this AH-MAZING 2018-planning workshop for you to tap into your superstar-source-power NOW, AND, have the real-world skills needed to spread your message and build your platform of fame this year!

The time has come to stop hiding behind our laptops, haphazardly “trying” for a dream we’re hardly able to admit to ourselves—let alone to other people!

In this sisterhood, we’re supporting each other to show up as our most DAZZLING, glowing, irresistible selves, and daring to serve the world in a BIG WAY in the process. Are you in?

    Much Love,
    Gina DeVee



Opening with a prayer and one of her beloved Divine Downloads, Gina will give you permission to claim your fame and think bigger than EVER! Bring your journal and hydration of choice—we’re diving deep. Expect to tap into your source and get clear on your ultimate desires, calling, and big vision for 2018. Then, learn how to fluidly create your superstar career and lifestyle from this spiritual, feminine and pleasurable place that’s uniquely YOU with Gina’s first 5 steps to becoming #finallyfamous.


Gina brings on America’s TOP woman online marketing expert, Pamela Bruner to help give you concrete action steps that help you will attract your devoted following of hundreds and thousands. You’ll learn how to justify your rates, turn your unique talents and interests into signature systems, deliver your message to ideal clients, and create unique automated funnels and systems that convert and make you money overnight! Actually follow through this year, while staying in step with spirit and never blowing-out your adrenals.


Gina DeVee continues with the 10 step process and opens up the floor to questions, coaching you through anything that comes up for you during this session in order to help you step into your power on the world stage! You’ll also get a sneak peek of the brand new Divine Living Academy 2018 (in which Pamela is a guest instructor) and be coached on how to get yourself in, manifest your investment and more!


Gina spends a whole additional hour answering questions, responding to the comments and coaching some of the other women just like you through serious ground-breaking moments!

a PDF of 10 Steps to be #finallyfamous!


You’re crystal clear on your authentic desires for 2018, no matter how “controversial.” You know you have SO MUCH to offer! Why fight it? Fame and impact is what you’re meant for.


You are SOOO over hiding behind your laptop and being the internet’s best kept secret. You’re PROUD to share a life that represents everything you genuinely dare to value, love and stand for! Turns out, it’s what comes naturally.


Your vocabulary no longer contains “not good enough.” Now that you know the BEST TECHNIQUES to turn your unique talents, abilities and passions into your DREAM CAREER…you’re effing unstoppable, woman!

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