Discover How the NEW FEMININE
Millionaires Do Business:


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Feel like you’ve been working nonstop,
and getting so little results that
nothing really changes?


Do you worry that sacrificing your
health & happiness is
the only way to succeed?
This exclusive step-by-step workbook will guide you through the feminine way to:
  • Create an abundance of clients and cash flow in your business, without blowing out your adrenals
  • Design your ideal business model so that you can travel the world luxuriously while doing meaningful work that no one else can do
  • Have the insta-worthy lifestyle that comes with living out your true purpose, so you never envy another woman again
  • Become so confident, clear and inspired about what you’re up to in the world that you can guarantee your own success!

The new feminine millionaires aren’t sacrificing their beauty rest, giving up having a social life, or abandoning all sense of glamour, adventure, pleasure and fun to create their wealth…

Instead, “ordinary” women are stepping up to do life as Queens, letting themselves be abundantly supported in living out their greater purpose: financially, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

In this exclusive workbook, I’m guiding you to ditch the old masculine ways of thinking that keep you stuck in permanent busy mode vs. planning your next epic trip or launching your next exciting creative project…

I know the world tells you hustle is the only answer. I myself was stuck there for years, scraping by on the bare minimum and devoting ALL my energy to bringing in $2K a month (even while I had a PHD!)…

Making money was the biggest mystery on the planet, until I made the decision to become wealthy, the FEMININE way. I started living by the 8 steps in this workbook, and within 3 short years I was running a multimillion dollar business doing what I absolutely can’t get enough of.

I’ve since worked with thousands of women globally across generations, cultures and professional backgrounds to design businesses based on feminine and spiritual principles, so I’ve seen how effective these steps truly are!

I’m proud to be part of a movement of women who are redefining what style of success is available to us all, and you’re invited to join us.

Download this free guide to discover how to do business and life in a fabulous new way!



I give consent to use this information to send me additional emails (only the good stuff!) as described in your Privacy Policy.
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Gina DeVee is a leading women’s empowerment and business mentor with a global clientele and a rare 20 years’ experience in transformational coaching. After freeing herself from a limited lifestyle as a struggling psychotherapist, Gina dedicated her career to helping women around the world create epic lives and careers on their own terms. Her growing multi-media empire, Divine Living, guides women to experience financial, emotional and spiritual abundance as they live out their unique life purpose, affirming that any ordinary woman can have the audacity to be Queen.


Catriona Mitchell
Victoria, Australia

For me, the emphasis on making money in a feminine way was a total game changer. Putting feminine values first, and not having to compromise on these or function within a patriarchal operating system in order to be successful.

Megan LaRussa
Birmingham, Alabama

I LOVE Gina’s philosophy on just about everything from business to style to spirituality to men and of course lifestyle! She is the first coach that I’ve met who actually ‘speaks my language’ on work/life balance, on feminine/masculine business systems, and again on lifestyle. I love her honesty and transparency, her love of pop culture and making it relevant to the work we do, and her ‘real talk’ about making money and charging what you’re worth. Her way of teaching has helped me so much in a short amount of time. I’ve worked with other business coaches prior to Gina that helped me get to a good place pre-Academy, but I needed Gina to take my business and me to the next level.

Judy Moon
Santa Monica, California

I grew up in the generation where professional women had two options — to either become a teacher or a nurse. To now be running my own successful business at 63 years old with my daughter by my side, is one of the proudest accomplishments of my life.

What I have learned is that it is never too late to live the life we are meant to live. And now, more than ever, what the world needs are more empowered women like us to be living on purpose and to be leading the next generation of women on the planet.

Carla Stokes
Georgia, USA

I was drawn to Gina taking a stand for women and giving ourselves permission to desire and create a luxurious lifestyle because I felt like a misfit in other programs that attracted a not-so-glamorous clientele. And I was inspired by the success stories and really curious about what the Academy offered and Gina’s creating quantum leaps for women who worked with her.

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