Stop waiting for someday —
Start living your big, limitless life today!

Five Steps to Becoming a Fearless Entrepreneur


I want to share the five steps I’ve used with countless clients that have helped them get beyond fear and step into the luxurious life they have always craved!

In the guide, you’ll learn how to:
  • Shine a light on your fears – don’t let them just lurk in your mind!
  • Stop letting your inner child run the show – See what you’ve outgrown!
  • Let go of fears that belong to your family – NOT you!
  • Own your power to create your dream life!


Your amazing life and its endless possibilities are waiting for you!

Gina DeVee is a leading women’s empowerment and business coach with a global clientele and a rare 18 years’ experience in transformational coaching. After freeing herself from a limited lifestyle as a struggling psychotherapist, Gina became dedicated to helping other women take their dream businesses beyond all expectations. Her growing multi-media empire, Divine Living and her signature business training & coaching certification program, The Divine Living Academy, shares her secrets to experiencing financial, emotional and spiritual abundance, affirming that any ordinary woman can rise to be a superstar.


Jodi Bullock
Des Moines, Iowa

One of the top benefits I’ve received from the Academy is knowing that I can make a significant impact on people’s lives doing my job exactly as I love to do it. I don’t need a set office or hours, I can work from anywhere and create as much passive income as I desire. Understanding how our money stories affect us so deeply has been eye opening and the missing piece from all my other attempts at creating a business on my own. It’s truly amazing knowing that anything is possible.

Lynn Hudorovich
Montana, USA

What really got me also was that Gina showed me that my dreams and desires are valid and worth pursuing, and that I didn’t HAVE to stay in my job. I could be a coach and she would show me how.

Kate Phillips
East Sussex, England

The dynamic and on-purpose energy of Gina’s teachings supported me to truly claim my worth and take my business to the next level.

Joyce Oladipo
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

After working with Gina, I feel confident that what I’m offering is completely in alignment with the values I provide. Her training has allowed me to claim my value and charge my worth.

Polly Alexandre
London, England

Through Gina’s teaching, I now have a renewed optimism about the future, plus, an ability to acknowledge and allow myself what I really desire.

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