As a member
You will:


  • Work intimately with Gina and benefit from her deep experience and insight as she gets to know you and your business personally and  shares advice specifically targeted to you on how you really can  achieve your goals in 2017.
  • Be held personally accountable by Gina on a weekly basis to the  game-changing business plan you set out together for 2017. 
  • Receive world-class training and access to experts with experience in  advanced business topics beyond the scope of The Divine Living Academy syllabus. 
  • Be a part of a truly inspiring group of high-achieving experienced  businesswomen dedicated to fulfilling their true potential and  working together to ensure each other’s success.
Here are the


  1. You’ll receive an exclusive invitation to attend a private Fourth Day at the end of each Live Academy Event to work intimately with Gina on  growing your business.
  2. During your closed-door Fourth Day session you’ll have the  opportunity to be personally coached on a business or personal  issue by Gina in a laser focused “hot-seat” session.
  3. Once a month you’ll have a 2-hour live call with Gina DeVee and the  chance to discuss your business in detail.
  4. You will receive a Mastermind Partner who has a proven successful  business background from within the Dare To Aspire group.
  5. Gina will assess the needs of the group as the year goes on and  customize the offerings provided to support you in making your  2017 vision a reality.


Criteria for the


  1. Well poised and positive attitude, highly coachable, has healthy boundaries.
  2. Has an established business and already earns consistent 10k months*
  3. *If you are not already earning 10k months in your coaching business, but have proven 6-figure levels in your business or other industries, please explain in the application why you are meant to  be considered for this membership.
  4. Will work extraordinarily well individually and within the group.
  5. 100% available to be held accountable to agreed upon goals  including filling in results charts on a timely basis.
  6. Is not in “story,” “overwhelm” or “personal issues” to the extent that any are a distraction to achieving high level results.
  7. Is highly participatory without being needy or attention grabby.
  8. Is an absolute joy to work with on a personal and business level.
  9. Is highly driven to create epic results in business this year.
  10. Is committed to becoming the best version of herself.


Your Application


Step one

Please follow the link below to complete the application form. Once you submit your application it will be personally reviewed by Gina and we will contact you to let you know if you have been successful by February 10th. The first call is the week of February 13th and the time will be based on where the majority of the participants are from. The call times may also vary according to Gina’s travel schedule.

Applications close on Friday, February 3rd


Step two

When your application for this program is accepted, you may select your payment option here.




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