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Gina DeVee’s Transformative One-Year Program
for Women Entrepreneurs,
Now More Accessible Than Ever

Your dream business
doesn’t have to wait

You’ve always wanted to do life on your own terms, but you’re not sure what to do, how to do it or when you’ll possibly find the time without sacrificing everything and everyone you love.

Stop waiting to discover what it will really take for you to start an online business—the kind that lets you travel the world, spend more time with your family, enjoy your life’s passions and bring them into your work more and more every day.

will have you dropping the excuses and pressing go on your new life, all by tapping into your feminine power and claiming what you truly desire

Kickstart your dreams
at half the price,
without the wait
Access the same transformative materials & trainings that Divine Living Academy Live graduates rave about—for half the investment. And, be supported by an online community to start taking action on your dreams NOW.

Find Financial Freedom,
Become Your True Self
in the Process
Gina DeVee’s legacy curriculum includes only the best from her 18 years of transformational coaching, wealth consciousness and business-building experience.

It’s everything you need
to grow to your next level
as an empowered, feminine
woman entrepreneur

From Zero Clients
to Multiple Six-Figures!

“After joining the Divine Living Academy Online and going through the extensive modules on mindset, business and marketing, I hit my first $10k month after 9 months of zero clients. The content is outstanding and worth so much more than the initial investment. Plus, you feel really supported by the team which is key. I’ve built a multiple six-figure business in just one year, and I credit a lot of my quick success to DLA Online. I can definitely recommend the program to any entrepreneur looking to take their business to 5-figure months and beyond.”

For the Woman
Who Knows There’s
Something MORE
Divine Living Academy Online Participants Fall
into Three Categories:

Starting from Scratch
We’ll guide you to find your calling and what’s unique about you, discover your ideal client, and design your brand, all while mastering sales, marketing, coaching skills, tech systems and mindset.

Whether you’re a millennial just beginning your career, looking to leave corporate to start your own company or perhaps a mother looking to get back to work by creating a business, our startup curriculum will show you how to create an online following of raving fans who love purchasing from you consistently—and with whom you love working! Following the exact steps Gina used to create her own multi-million dollar company, our proven training will show you how to start a business (from zero) that generates consistent cash, develop an online presence that draws in ideal clients (even if you don’t know who they are right now) and establish a gorgeous brand that stands for everything that is uniquely you.

Successful Entrepreneurs
Scaling Income + Impact

Develop an even more expansive vision for your business and be given nuts-and-bolts tools and strategies to execute on your desired uplevel.

If you already own a mildly or very successful coaching or service-based business and desire to scale, streamline and grow your platform, my new advanced modules were designed for you. Increase your impact by learning how to raise your rates, develop group programs, master internet marketing launches and sell more online to a wider audience. Our advanced participants have used this track to get to consistent five-figure months, conduct six-figure launches and earn multiple six figures throughout the program. Some have even moved on to earn seven figures within two years of completing our program.

Coaches & Consultants,
Speakers & Authors,
Photographers & Fashion Stylists

Become visible, establish your worth and learn the essential online marketing skills that will allow you to turn your passion into your dream job.

If you’re any kind of coach (life, business, health, relationship, femininity, self-love, mindset, executive, career transition etc.) the Divine Living Academy Online is the perfect place to start or grow your business. Our curriculum is also uniquely designed for other service-based business owners like consultants, speakers, fashion stylists, photographers, healers, private chefs, spiritual mentors, social media consultants, copywriters, interior designers, event managers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, nutritionists, bloggers (who want to sell advice or other info-products), etc.


The Divine Living Academy Online is NOT for:
Women with tangible product businesses (handbags, clothing, makeup, etc.), or artists, actors and singers.

The Divine Living Academy Online
is for you if…

Put Yourself in the Game—
Whether you’re a single mother of 8, a millennial just starting out, an overworked corporate executive or anything in between, the Divine Living Academy Online is here to show you how to start making small steps that lead to major transformation.




See what our alumni
are saying…
Goodbye Limiting Beliefs, Hello Exponential Growth

The Divine Living Academy Online was a perfect introduction to Gina’s coaching. Going through the modules—with support from the Facebook community of incredibly high-vibe business women—I grew my business and broke down so many limiting beliefs. Because I saw so many positive changes, I signed up for the LIVE version the following year, went to all the events around the world, and earned my certification! I am now in my second year, and I’ve experienced such exponential growth that I feel like it’s just the beginning. I know that I will always need a coach and Gina is the one! I also love the international community of my DL sisters and I cannot fathom life without them.”

The Mindset & Skills Every Woman
Entrepreneur Needs

I joined DLA Online when it was released because I KNEW I had to work with Gina and she wasn’t enrolling the live version at the time. Thanks to these modules and the live training calls I gained a really solid footing on both the practical side of having an online business and the mindset side. I remember being the first person to raise my hand on the first live call and the advice I received was 100% what I needed to hear and still aligns with where I am now and where I’m going. I credit the online program with helping me move forward so quickly once I joined the live version the following year.”

Major Shifts Empowered
Her Uplevel

The Divine Living Academy Online was a life-changing experience! The modules enabled me to shift my beliefs, mindset and relationships to a place where I was ready to focus on my business instead of getting distracted by things that weren’t serving my progress.  The amazing, high-vibe women in the program are still part of my life and totally supportive. The calls with the program director kept me firmly on track as I showed up every week, which I would definitely advise to maximize the experience. I would recommend this program wholeheartedly to any woman who’s serious about upleveling her life and business.  I loved it so much, I continued on into the live program!”

How the Divine Living Academy
Online Works
Web-based DLA Online allows you to work through materials on your own time, at your own pace from anywhere in the world (with lifetime access). But you won’t be in it alone—monthly group calls, office hours and a dynamic Facebook community are all here to keep you on track. Plus, you get to follow along with the Divine Living Academy Live class and tune in virtually to all four quarterly events.
Here’s what you can
look forward to:


Check Out the
Full Curriculum
Download the 2017 Program Curriculum below
for a glimpse at all the modules
you’ll work through

What does it really take to leap
to six-figures faster?
New Advanced Trainings!

It’s about working smarter, not harder.

For the first time ever, DLA Online offers a comprehensive suite of Advanced Training modules for when you desire to move forward in a particular area of your business.

You’ll receive in-depth training on providing high-end services like how to host a group program (for coaching and other services), how to design and market a tele-course, how to turn your expertise into products for passive income streams and much more.

Remember—you get lifetime access.

Meet more of our fabulous
DLA Online Alums
From Struggling Solopreneur
to Supported Success

“I invested in the Divine Living Academy Online in 2015 as a way to strengthen and revamp my online coaching business. For years I had been operating solo, boot-strapping it, struggling and wondering why my income wasn’t taking off. When I found the DLA Online I knew I’d stumbled upon the answer: I’d been trying to figure it out all alone and denying myself the support I needed to be a success!  I thought I was purchasing a nuts & bolts recipe for success… what I found was the doorway to a global community of support and complete business and personal transformation. Incredible!”

Completely Upleveled
with More Confidence

The opportunity to learn from Gina in the Divine Living Academy Online was a rare gift. I love having direct access to her training videos and PDFs to grow my business—they’re very intimate and direct with excellent storytelling.  I found the online experience incredibly supportive, which transformed my vision as a woman in business in amazing feminine ways. Stepping into networking with high-vibrational women has been a bonus. I’ve followed Gina for years and it is a privilege to learn from the best. My business has certainly upleveled with more confidence. I’m proud to be in this program.” 

Is watching other
women live out the
the success you desire
and deserve
really going to be
good enough for you?

So many women entrepreneurs stay stuck because they’re unclear on their goals and haven’t given themselves permission to have that next level of success.

DLA Online will help you transform your mindset so you can finally create the impact and abundance you desire—without burning yourself out.

All you have to do, is give yourself permission to go for it.

Your Dream Starts Here
Choose the DLA Online Plan
that Works for You
The Divine Living Academy LIVE Course
has already begun.
If you’d like to keep up with these ladies,
enroll today and download Module 1 now.




If you’re still not sure,
ask yourself…

What if you allowed yourself to take that first step, and just decided to say YES?

What if the only thing stopping you from creating the lifestyle you desire is your own permission and commitment?

What if you could continue living your everyday life and then retreat to your laptop or home office (at your leisure) to create the beautiful business of your dreams?

What if instead of feeling trapped, stifled or undervalued in your life, job or business, you could be in full control of your own destiny and know you were using your talents, abilities and brilliance to the fullest?

If you’re reading this right now, this is your moment to create a huge positive transformation in the lives of others—
and in your own.
The choice is
100% yours

We’d love to welcome you into the Divine Living Academy Online and have you be part of this exclusive group of powerful women in the making…

Who you will become in the process is the makeover of a lifetime… all while being given the tools to create more abundance for yourself, make a bigger difference in the world and step into the role of exactly who you’re meant to be.

A Note from gina…

If you’re letting thoughts of “who am I to do this?” or “I’m too young” or “I’m too old” or “I’m not good enough” or the worst one out there, “I don’t have time,” hold you back from saying yes to YOU… 

I want to ask you: Who are YOU saying NO to, WHO is out there waiting and HOW many more dreams will you push aside while waiting for a “perfect time” to start?

Daring desires are often crushed when pursued incorrectly. If you’re like me, you may have even started and stopped multiple times!

When you join the Divine Living Academy Online, you get to start TODAY, RIGHT NOW and at YOUR OWN LEISURE.

You get to be fully yourself, in a safe, supportive environment of women where your unique gifts and voice are honored and celebrated.

The rewards of being a member of this sisterhood are too many to number and just waiting to be discovered.

Go ahead…take a stand for YOU and your divine destiny. Click the button below and I’ll see you in the Divine Living Academy Online.


still not sure if the
Divine Living Academy Online
is right for you?
Visit our FAQ section to better inform your decision

Let’s Talk
Schedule your free call with a
Divine Living Academy team member

We pride ourselves in having a high touch, personalized care element in all that we do, and we’re here to support you in making the right decision in selecting a mentor…whatever that decision is.

Asked Questions
Is the Divine Living Academy Online right for me?

We’re proud to say that so many different women from all over the world have created their success through our program, however that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Find answers to your questions here and make the decision that feels good to you.

What’s the difference between the Online track and the Live course?

The Divine Living Academy Live class includes live group calls with Gina DeVee and four three-day live events per year. The online version is entirely virtual, though you do get to listen in to recordings of group calls one week later and watch live-streams of all four events. You still get a community and team-support, and you’re able to custom-tailor the experience to your lifestyle. And since the online course can be started any time, many of our most successful DLA participants have started there, and then enrolled in the live class the following year. At half the cost of the live course, the online track is an excellent stepping-stone for new entrepreneurs.

Am I too old or too young to benefit from DLA?

Our participants range from women in their early twenties just starting their careers, to women in their sixties and rising. It truly doesn’t matter how old you are. With confidence in who you are and what you have to offer, you always have the opportunity to make a difference in this world. We believe every woman has gifts to share and we’re here to help you do so in a way that feels authentically you.

What if I’m not super tech-savvy?

Worry not! We make online marketing super simple, truly anyone can learn and we’ve seen it happen. Plus, whenever you’re struggling with a tech aspect, you’ll have a community to help you figure out the answers to all your questions. You’ll find that other participants and team leaders will be constantly sharing resources, while monthly office hours are a great time to gain more clarity on what you’re working on. 

What sets the Divine Living Academy Online apart from other business trainings?

The Divine Living Academy Online was designed specifically with feminine women entrepreneurs in mind. Unlike many online trainings, it helps you grow strong as the woman behind the business, prioritizing your self-care, wellbeing and feminine power. Our curriculum will show you not only the structures and systems needed to create cashflow in your business, but also the right mindset to open yourself up to abundance. And, while many online trainings last a matter of weeks or months, DLA Online will be there for you through a FULL YEAR, making sure you stay truly committed to your progress and experience a lasting transformation.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the Divine Living Academy Online?

If you’d like to stay on track with our curriculum design, we recommend you set aside 6-10 hours a week for working through the materials, listening to audio, watching videos and connecting with your mastermind partner. Ultimately however, this is your journey and you have the option of moving at whatever speed feels right to you. You will, after all, have lifetime access to this year’s version of the program.

Can’t I just learn this stuff online?

Definitely—you can learn ANYTHING online in 2017. And if you have the self-direction, clarity and dedication to do so, we say go for it! However, while information is more abundant than ever, high quality education and guidance is something different. The Divine Living Academy Online is designed so you don’t have to go it alone, second-guess yourself or sift through the millions of voices on the Internet. Plus, not only are you getting direction, accountability and support, you’re getting access to exclusive content—such as 100+ hours of coaching demonstrations and live events with Gina DeVee—and resources that will save you thousands of dollars in business set-up costs.

Is the Divine Living Academy Online a scam or pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not. Our graduates generate real income using proven online marketing techniques to bring their services directly to clients. Online businesses are the future of the economy and women like us are leading the way with grace, creativity and poise.

Not finding an answer to your question?
Contact our Team here.

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